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Aug 22, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in louisiana that is so deep you can see cancun. . >>> what do you do to pay back the people who saved your life? you hold a blood drive r drive. abc2 news pete o'neal tonight. >> reporter: we got --. >> we got there, it's pouring down raining. i got in the car with josh, made sure, started taking over patient care, started making sure they were okay working on the extrication aspect. >> reporter: it was considered a heavy rescue. they had to use the jaws of life to save a life. so tonight, how does a mother say thank you for saving her son's life? >> thank you so much. >> we just can't thank you guys enough. . >> reporter: this is josh, it took 15 units of blood and the tireless work of doctors and nurses at shock trauma to save his life. >> just to give back to the emt's, the doctors at shock trauma, they saved my life. >> reporter: the way josh and his family wanted to give back was to host a blood drive with the help of the red cross and those same people who helped save his life, the volunteer fire company. >> to see him come back, that's what gets us through this. that's what we l
Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm EDT
but nothing like this. tonight a remarkable scene in louisiana caught on camera, everything vanishing in 30 seconds but what caused it and could it happen near you. here's abc's matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: this is not an optical illusion. a stand of trees seemly melting into this swamp in louisiana is being swallowed into a massive sink hole, sucking everything down with it. watch those trees again dipping slowly at first and then quickly vanishing into the hole. it's more than a football field deep. it's near an old salt mine. workers were using water to dissolve and pump out the salt deep underground and eventually pumped out enough to make the ground give way. now the earth slowly moves into the cavern causing growing sink holes above. >> it's going to continue to grow until it finds a point where it can support itself. >> reporter: the sink hole appeared a year ago. 150 house holds were evacuated and the state is suing the company that mined the salt. sink holes are system and often occur naturally. this one in downtown gal mall la city was big enough to swallow the statue of libe
Aug 23, 2013 2:35am EDT
support itself. >> these dramatic images only the beginning of what could be in store in a louisiana bayou. what caused it? why it is not as uncommon as you might think. and later -- >> it's scary to think sthat soe one would try to sell something that has no gran of truth. >> a woman's hard earned weight loss used to sell get thin quick products without her approval. her campaign to take her image back. it's friday, august 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good friday morning, everybody. tgif. look who's here. reena ninan filling in for diana. >> last time i was here you serenaded me with a song, cinco de mayo. >> no tequila, no guitars. good you are back. have a lot of fun. serious stuff to got to. syrian government right now offering a new explanation of the chemical attack that may have killed up to 1,000 people. deputy prime minister blaming foreign militants. >> he claims the attack had backing of israel and supporters in the west. the u.n. urging the syrian government to allow inspectors to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapon. here's abc's m
Aug 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
show. if you're not familiar with it it follows a family from louisiana, a duck hunting family. they're kind of like the kardashians, but with less facial hair. the season finale last year was seen by 9.6 million people. which means the family got a raise, a & e now pays them around $200,000 per episode. you know, once upon a time this was the most popular cast on television, and now it's this. [ cheers and applause ] u know, usually the show "duck dynasty" operates at a pretty relaxed pace. there are some disagreements. sometimes they'll argue about who can eat the most donuts. but there's not a lot of drama. or at least there hasn't been in the past. this season, though, it seems like they're looking to increase the intensity by bringing some conflicts into the mix. >> for generations, they have been hunted. now, to defeat "the duck dynasty," the hunted must become the hunter. >> go! >> the "duck dynasty" season four premiere, only on a&e. it's time to pay the bills. >> we're definitely screwed now. >> jimmy: so that's fun, right? [ cheers and applause ] a show about duck hunting.
Aug 19, 2013 6:30pm EDT
of this bridge covered 80% of the budget for henderson, louisiana. across the country drivers are taking note, reporting 78,000 speed traps since 2000. a warning, the cities with the most traps are colorado springs, denver, vegas, boston and the number one is houston. all those frustrated drivers who feel they have been pulled over in a speed trap, authorities say when there is a hill and the speed limit is 25 mile per hour, it's not a trap, it's about public safety. my police chief in georgia took me out for driver's ed near a hill i had 2rutrouble with near home. the bottom of the hill is a classic spot. we know that speed kills. nearly 10,000 americans die every year in speed related accidents. >> these are not speed traps. we're responding to citizens who roid in this community and are saying people who are traveling along this roadway at 40, 50 mile per hour. he says they certainly raise revenue but the real goal is to slow everyone down. >>> coming up next tonight, breaking news about iconic actor dick van dike saved from the fiery wreckage of his car. for many, nexium provides 24-hour
Aug 22, 2013 4:00am EDT
simply disappear into the sinkhole in louisiana's bayou country. the water churns as a sinkhole opens up. a local official says the sinkhole is active this morning. it continues to grow. no homes are in danger. an evacuation route is being put together. >> amazing video. >> that's incredible. incredible pictures. >>> a major milestone for the new york yankees. >> here's neil and stan at espn with all of the details. >> i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. and once again, he's hitting leadoff. >> we're going to start at yankee stadium. that seems the site of where the stage is what it was for ichiro suzuki. that's his 4,000th career hit. when you take his career in japan and major league baseball. he was overwhelmed by the response he got. and he joins pete rose and ty cobb, the only three players in baseball history, with 4,000 hits. that was a historic hit. this was the game-winning hit. alfonso soriano. dickey and ichiro used to be teammates in seattle. ichiro got the big hit off of. and the pickoff, for davis. mariano rivero gets him out for the second out. >>> rays and orioles. bo
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
rolling as a sinkhole swallowed up a group of trees in louisiana. the sinkhole appeared in this assumption parish waterway last year prompting a mandatory evacuation. since then state and federal agencies have been monitoring it. like we said, those cameras were rolling when a sinkhole took up those trees. >>> good morning, everyone. let's check out what's going on, the big picture across the area, back off towards the west more showers and thunderstorms across that area and unfortunately that's what's going to spark more wildfires across the region there. but then as we slide a little bit further across the middle of the nation, we are starting to see some showers and thunderstorms really developing along iowa and nebraska, but closer to home this morning we are dry. we did have our round of showers and storms overnight and then we could do it over again as we go through the afternoon, evening time frame. but, again, scattered in nature. thisis what's going on at the surface. we still do have this area of high pressure. out into the atlantic. it is pumping in lots of moisture across the
Aug 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
just as a sinkhole swallowed up a group of trees. can you believe that? that's from louisiana where a sinkhole appeared in the assumption parish waterway last year prompting a mandatory evacuation. since then state and federal agencies have been monitoring it. i bet they want to keep a close eye on it, lynette, that's pretty incredible, huh >> >> yeah, it's pretty cool looking, like somebody flushed the toilet and the trees went down it. i see charley looking at megan there. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot of rainfall out there or the thunderstorms or the showers. we had that move through overnight, but we we are looking at still some clouds out there. but look at the back edge there, we'll start to get a few breaks the in the clouds as we go thout the day. with that we'll get some sunshine out there. we can see what's going on in manchester right now, exactly what i'm talking about, we're seeing some clouds but also a few breaks in the clouds and that will be the name of the game as we go throughout this afternoon. and that's what's going to give us the potential
Aug 22, 2013 11:35pm EDT
those today. in louisiana. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: he is the only one that doesn't get why that is funny, i guess. pbs is making broadcasting history, yesterday, they named judi woodruff, they're the first anchor team, i guess kathy lee and hoda don't count, because they're drunk. i didn't even know that pbs had news casts. i thought they only showed muppets and british lords scolding their footmen. this, by the way, won't be seen on pbs, this is a daredevil of a guy by the name of anthony martin, he went up, had his friends lock him inside a casket, doesn't look like a casket. but i guess it is. they shut the box, locked it and then pushed it out of the plane. it is not so much a death-defying stunt as a death expecting stunt. he was able to get out of the box in time. released his parachute and survived unharmed. two spectators were killed by the casket, but he was fine. there you go. a fine line between daredevils and dumbasses, i think he found it. now this is fun i found this on youtube today. a group of kids spent i don't know how long perfecting this trick shot. i wa
Aug 22, 2013 7:00am EDT
completely disappear into a sinkhole. this is in a louisiana bayou. this video shot by local officials. this morning, we're told the sinkhole is still active and growing. right now, there's no homes in danger. but i looked this up. 25 acres in size right now. it's been growing for more than a year. it was a collapsed salt dome. a growing problem. >> really scary. >>> we're going to turn to the latest on the health scare for vice president joe biden's son, beau. he is said to be in great shape and expected to be discharged today from a houston cancer hospital, after undergoing a procedure there earlier this week. doctors don't know what's exactly wrong with beau biden. but he was admitted after becoming weak and disoriented last week. abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, here with us this morning. make it clear. you haven't seen the records here. you don't know exactly what is wrong. but first, treated for a stroke. and now, at a cancer center. what does it say to you? >> initially, when you hear someone has similymptoms that a like a stroke and they've had a stroke in the pa
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)